Monday, January 12, 2015

There can be miracles, if you believe

Aloha Everyone! It has been a warm week with lots of inversion. I just want to say how grateful I am to have a car!
So we are still in limbo as far as where our area goes, but we had a lots of miracles this week! There are a couple things I thought I would never do on my mission, but I did them. 
This whole week we were preparing for a wedding on Saturday and then on Monday we got a call that a member in one of our wards passed a way, So we helped prep for the funeral on Wednesday and actually helped at the funeral on Thursday.  The funeral was beautiful and very uplifting.  We were still planning for this wedding on Saturday.  On Wednesday we have a lesson with the couple that are getting married, and I was asked by the stake president to sing a song for the wedding (he married them).   Thursday we went shopping for the food. Friday we got decorations and prepped the food. Saturday our day started at 8 am. We went to the chapel and we set up for the reception and the ceremony (luckily the reception was an eat and leave reception).   So we had the relief society room all ready for the ceremony, then at about 11 o'clock a man walks in and says that he is here to fill up the font for the baptism at 1! The font is is connected to the relief society room. There was no baptism on the building schedule. So we had to take everything down. We get home for about 30 mins to change and get ready for the day, (we were in service clothes all morning) Then I get a text from one of our bishops asking me to sing in sacrament meeting the following day and of course I said yes. So we run over to the church and practice my song for sacrament. Then we run over to pianist who will be accompanying me at the wedding. We figure out a mash up of 'families can be together forever and I love to see the temple.' Through Angels Heavenly Father allowed that to go great. Then we run over to the church to redecorate the relief society room and we finish just in time before the bride and groom show up. The ceremony was beautiful. And I must say that we did a pretty good job for not having pinterest. So the next step was the reception, so it was very easy, vegetables, fruit, chips and chicken salad sandwiches. Well we planned for 40 people and 60 people showed up! I tell you when a wedding is planned by missionaries, miracles happen. Loaves and fishes that is all I have to say. There was food left over! It was great. So that was our Saturday. And we could not have done any of it if it wasn't for the wonderful relief society sisters. Most of them don't even know this couple and they came and helped us so much! I am so so grateful. 
Now lets go to Sunday. So Sunday morning starts at 9 o'clock. The ward is packed (because of new boundaries) People who haven't gone to church in years came! And there was just a great spirit there. Unfortunately the investigator that always comes didn't come it was so sad! But others came and that was great! So we go to another ward the ward I was singing in, and we're sitting there hoping and praying that our investigator that we've been teaching for 2 and half months will come. We've done everything that we could. So we go to sit down because sacrament is going to start, and I look behind me and she walks in! It was such a miracle.  I talked to the member that invited her and she said that her and her six year old daughter was sitting there and she told her daughter that she thinks that our investigator needs a little extra prayer today. So her little daughter says a prayer that she will come to church today and 10 mins later she walked in! It was a miracle! The Lord hears our prayers and when we are joined together in prayer I know that He answers them, if we really really want it and it's according to His will.

So many miracles have happened this week. With our investigators, the ward members, the functions we were helping with. Allowing my companion to keep working even though her asthma was killing her. I know that the Lord is aware of us. That He loves us and He knows us and our needs. I am so grateful to be here and witness all these miracles. 
Today I invite you to look at the miracles in your life. Don't think of anything as a coincidence, but know that the Lord is aware of you and that there are tender mercies around all of us!

I love you all so very very much!

-Sister Swain

Pictures: Sledding with the zone and the beautiful bride (They have a date for the temple in a year)

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