Monday, January 5, 2015

I forgot that a New Year happened. So much happens in a week here that I forget important holidays. Well for New Years eve. We had a 3 hour meeting. I know that it sounds bad, but it wasn't that bad. And then I stayed up as long as I could. So 11:15. You should know that it's hard for me to stay up till 10:30, so I was pretty proud of myself. We drank some Australian Bunda Berg to ring in the new year. (Australian soda) And we woke up the next day and did what we always do. So it was pretty exciting.

This week has a been a crazy week and the next couple weeks will continue in craziness. They just changed the ward boundaries and we have no idea where we will be. Neither do the other two sets of missionaries that are involved in the split. So we just keep going. The Elders aren't too happy because the are worried that we will be on the side with all of their investigators.. were okay with that. And we have some investigators to give them too. 

This week has been crazy. I think the biggest thing I've learned from the craziness, is that we need to follow our leaders and be unified. Change is hard and a lot of people haven't been too happy. But we need to remember which way we face. And that we need to face those who receive revelation for us and face the Lord. It is a hard thing to do! Especially when we don't agree with decisions, or don't agree with the way things were handled. The beautiful part of the gospel is that if we don't agree with a decision we can get on our knees and ask for our self what is right and we can feel the holy ghost tell us what is right and what is wrong. I have to do that often. I have to humble myself and follow my leaders. And my leaders younger than me and sometimes I feel like the have less experience and I think well I could do that better. But the Lord doesn't work like that. We need to have unity. Psalms 133:1 it says, "How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity." When we are unified things get accomplished and the spirit of the Lord works within each and every one of us. This I have a testimony of. As I've needed to be unified with my companion, district leader, zone leaders, mission president and the whole mission. Brothers and Sisters I ask you to pray for unity. That we may be powerful source of good to the world.

I love you all!
-Sister Swain 

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