Monday, October 13, 2014

I got transferred! I am white wash training again. I got released as Sister Training Leader. And I am at the edge of our mission in a place called Herriman. It is right next to Eagle Mountain.
My companion is from South Carolina, her name is Sister Anderson. She has only been a member for two years and her story reminds me how members can be missionaries as well. She was invited to come to church by her roommate and her roommate asked her many times if she wanted to come to church and every week she said no. Then she went to FHE she liked that and then she eventually went to church. And she went to church for about four months then received the lessons and was baptized a month later. She has a great story that she shares with everyone and you can tell that the members are touched by it. And were able to tell them how everyone can be a missionary!

My new area is great! The work is a little slow because the missionaries who was there before were great missionaries they just didn't set up many return appointments with the people they were working with...and then some asked them not to come back...everyone in this stake is so excited to have sisters. They talk about it all the time! And they are giving us a lot more names then they gave to elders. So good things are going to happen I know it! We are walking and it's a very "hilly" area. We are still waiting for our bikes, one day we'll get them. Till then we will walk and walk and walk. It's a fairly big area (for Utah).

Many people keep asking me if I'm getting 'trunky.' I really don't think that the Lord is allowing me to feel that way. He keeps pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. I know that the Lord gives us opportunities to grow a lot. But many times we don't take the opportunity he's given us. We either rise to the potential or we don't and we miss out on the opportunity. These past two months and in the months to come I know that the Lord is giving me lots of opportunities to grow. I know that I've shared this quote before, but this is my favorite. "I believe that my Savior cares more about my growth than my comfort." The great thing is that he helps us grow. He doesn't just leave us there to be in pain by ourselves, he helps us deal with the pain. I am so grateful for a Savior who loves me. I know that He lives and that He always with us, we just need to reach out to Him.

I love you all! 

Sister Swain :)

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