Monday, July 14, 2014

This week I am truly learning what it means to pray that we have the
strength to change our circumstances than that the Lord will remove
our circumstances from us. Our two investigators dropped us. And then
we found a new investigator and when we went to our appointment we got
a text saying that she didn't want to meet with us any more. But it's
okay. Things happen in the mission that make us sad or discouraged.
But we can't get discouraged because that is what satan wants us to
feel. He wants us to feel like we aren't good enough, that were doing
everything wrong. So when those things happen, we pray for strength to
grow, we pray to know what our Heavenly Father wants us to learn and
we keep going. We keep knocking on doors and we keep bearing our
testimonies. And thats life, when we get down when we feel like things
are going wrong we keep going to church, reading our scriptures and
praying. I am so happy to be in this stake we are so loved a cared for
and that makes things okay.  Either Sister Olszowka or I will be
getting transferred president told us that he is splitting up all the
STLs and there will be one STL is each zone. So I might be training
come Tuesday, I might have a companion who will be an STL. I don't
know, but I do know that I'm gonna miss Sister Olzowka. We've had a
lot of fun together and good things have happened even if we don't see
it the Lord sees everything.

Also this week we went on two exchanges. Holy Smokes exchanges make me
tired because we pretty much spend 24hrs listening to Sisters talk
about whats going on, how they are feeling, how their companion is.
And i'm grateful that I can help and I love doing it, you just get
tired once in a while. I did go on exchange with a Sister from Florida
who has only been a member for 2 years! And she decided to go on a
mission. Her family doesn't support her and they think that she's
joined a cult, but she is a great missionary.  We also went and got
slurpees on 7-11, we met some non members so we counted that as a
productive activity ;). Then on Saturday we went tracting in the new
apartments in our area. We thought what do we have to lose? They say
no? Then they are just missing out. And everyone said no, but it's
okay because we were doing our efforts.
We also had our last lesson with one of the active members we were
teaching the discussions too. They are so awesome! And all their girls
want to serve missions!

For the most part it was a good week, full of challenges, laughs and
some disappointments. But thats how it goes we just gotta keep our
head up and keep looking forward.

I love you all so very much! Thank you for your prayers, I feel them
as I go through my days.

-Sister Swain

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