Monday, July 7, 2014

So 4th of July in Utah is a lot like New Years Eve in Hawaii. Except a
lot more ariels and less of a mess. And most people drive up to
Wyoming to get fireworks. It was a pretty fun day. And believe or not
we actually got some work done!

To start of the week...on Tuesday we went to see our favorite less
active and we've been working with her for 3 months and she hasn't
come to church yet. But on Tuesday we talked about obedience and it
was a really good lesson and we were going to be bold with her. So we
asked her "Will you be obedient by coming to church with us this
Sunday." And she was quite...The spirit prompted me to ask her what
would keep her from coming to church, one is that she doesn't feel
worthy and then the spirit told me to ask her if its because she
thinks people are hypocrites? And that was the other part of the
reason. We hear this over and over again and people are not perfect!
Yes we teach these things, but its up to live it. Unfortunately we
offend people we do stupid things, but we can't let that stop us from
partaking of the sacrament and renewing our covenants. We went back on
Thursday and I gotta say, we were pretty down on Tuesday when we heard
that. So on Thursday, she just couldn't get it out of her mind that
she needed to go to church and that she would really try to come.
So... Sunday came...and she didn't come unfortunately. But I gotta
remember that she is that much closer to coming to church.

Then 4th of July weekend we thought that nobody was going to be home,
but they were. And that evening we went to a neighborhood party and we
talked to non members and they had no where to go because we were
sitting next to them. They weren't interested in hearing our message,
but we got to talk to them just as people so that was good. And that
day we also had a less active lesson with a family who wants their son
to get baptized. Then on Saturday Sister Olszowka had the prompting to
go to the apartments and see a less active. He wasn't home, so we
walked out and there was a man who just moved here and didn't know
much about the church and we got to give a Book of Mormon. Another
seed planted..It's hard just planting seeds, but I'm okay with it,
because all that matters is that they get baptized somewhere down the

Little Miracles...We gotta recognize those in our life. Because life
will be really sad if we don't. This week I heard two quotes. "We need
to help the Lord keep His promises." and "The Lord will never abandon
us, we just can't abandon Him" Keep praying for missionary
opportunities and keep your faith in the Lord.

I love you all, and I feel your prayers strengthening me everyday!

Sister Swain

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