Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So first off I have to say sorry I got the day mixed up for the
martyrdom of Joseph Smith, its the 27th of June. And I hope that you
were able to share your testimony of him with someone.

We had a fun week...
 Tuesday two of our lessons cancelled. it was kinda sad because we
brought a girl out with us who preparing to go on a mission and we
didn't have any lessons. So we just went and knocked doors with her.
Nobody was interested but we told that this is really how missionary
life is. People cancel or forget and you just think about who else you
could go see in the area.

Wednesday we had Missionary Leadership Council. We mostly went over
how to be a good leader. And a good leader serves others, and tries to
develop Christlike attributes.

Thursday we taught non members the first lesson was a member invite
and we were able to teach the first lesson. She wasn't interested in
learning more. But she really is looking for the truth. Then we had a
lesson with our new investigators and it's frustrating because they
are resisting the spirit. We know that they felt it, but they are
resisting acting on it. That's just how it is. It's okay.

Friday we went on exchange and I was in a trio for a day. Crazy...But
one of the Sisters got transferred here from the Tonga mission because
of something...but before she came here she was in Fiji for 2 weeks
and guess who her companion was?? It was Keapo!!! So she has all these
fun stories about Keapo.

Then Sunday was so busy. So our water heater went out and Sister
Olszowka doesn't shower in cold showers so we had to call someone at 7
in the morning to ask them if we could take a shower at their house.
Luckily people were awake! Then we spoke at a youth morning side about
The Book of Mormon, then we ran over to the 10th ward to take the
sacrament and bear testimony of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon in
their combined RS and PH. Then we ran over to the 6th ward and did
sharing time in Jr. and Sr. Primary. It was fun!! Especially primary..

The thing I learned this week is to trust in the Lord. Just trust in
Him and all things will work out. So that is my sermon today :) Try to
be like Christ and trust in Him and His atonement. All things will
work out.

I love you all!!

Sister Swain

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