Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It got down to 45 degrees and it snowed on the mountain I was tripping
out!! But that's Utah. Some miracles this week... Sister O, took out
money for fast offering, but then she spent her money and she was
missing a quarter for her fast offering to be complete and she was
praying that she would find a quarter. And Saturday was a hard day I
mean there were no appointments and even our dinner appointment
cancelled on us and we called 6 people to feed us dinner and nobody
could do it. And then we found the quarter and that was an answer to
Sister O's prayer and it made our Saturday. :)  We gotta find joy in
the small things. That is what I learned on Saturday.
This week we found a new investigator I believe that she had a witness
of The Book of Mormon. And a member invited a non member to meet with
us this week. Member missionary work. Its awesome. Keeping praying for
those people who you are trying to bring into the gospel. This member
said a great thing to us yesterday, she said that she didn't want to
regret not asking her. That's something that I hope to carry with me
after my mission.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to sing in the 3rd ward. We sang
Joseph Smith's First Prayer. And about the third verse the spirit came
over me and the meeting so strongly. I've been on my mission for
almost 11 months and I've always believed and know that it happened.
But yesterday... I KNOW that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus
Christ. This week we remember Joseph Smiths martyrdom. And I think
about the sacrifices that he made to bring forth the gospel. He spent
his whole life being persecuted, for something that he knew was true
and he didn't deny it no matter what happened to him. Because I
understand the restoration of the gospel and the atonement so much
better I understand why I am out here on a mission. And how much joy
it brings me. Even if its hard. And I feel this joy and I know this
truth because Joseph Smith had a question and took that calling. He
was a man, a father, a husband and a prophet. A prophet who laid the
foundation for a great work. On the 26 of June, I invite all of you to
remember Joseph Smith. Our mission president talked to us about what
we have because of him. Bear testimony of Joseph Smith and that he was
a prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and
because I know that I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet.

I love you all!!

-Sister Swain

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