Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kaytie Swain

Jul 21 (1 day ago)

to Anna, Beverly, Blane, cynthia, Ipo, Ivy, Kalima, Keala, Keapo, me, Micah, William, Tori, Kara, Dani
Yup, I got transferred. To the Sandy, Young Single Adult Stake! So now I cover 9 wards and they are all in the city of Sandy. So now it takes me like 20 mins to get to some appointments. And tracting is pretty ineffective. So we work through referrals. Its great working here because there are a lot of return missionaries here who come home from their mission and they just want to bring people to the gospel.  And a lot of youth are looking for a better way. They don't like what their doing with their life, so some just show up to church. It's pretty cool. And some have wanted to get baptized since they were little but their parents didn't let them so they move out and then they get baptized. It's pretty amazing the courage that so many people have to act on what the believe to know is true. 
We had a baptism this Saturday for a 20 yr. old girl, who knew it was true the first time she met with missionaries, but her parents are anti. But she did it because she wanted eternal blessings. Then, last night we picked up a new investigator. Another 20 yr. old girl, she was going to bars, not keeping the law of chastity and she wasn't happy. Then her best friend is on a mission, she is also the bishops daughter. She told her to go to church, her friend has told her this many times, but this time she really wanted to change. We met with this girl last night and as we taught her the restoration of the gospel and told her the first vision. She just starting crying. The spirit was so strong in that room and we invited her to be baptized right then and she said she would. 
In church the Teacher put this quote on the board,

"If you read history, you'll find the people who did the most for this world were the ones who thought the most of the next." 
-C.S. Lewis

That is why we make changes in our life, that is why we live the gospel, read our scriptures, go to church and pray. Because we want the best life we can after we leave this one. That is why these two girls have a desire to follow Christ, because their spirits know that their is more out there. And for some of us it takes a lifetime to figure this out and for others we learn it then we forget then we learn it again. In my last area I had the opportunity to teach a woman, whom when we first met her was going to die in a month. Then we started meeting with her twice a week, her countenance changed as she read her scriptures and prayed daily. And became more concerned with the life after this. We met with her for 4 months and she is still going. I know that as we open our heart to the spirit and as we strive to live Gods commandments, He will bless us and we can be the light in the world he has always intended us to be. 

I'm excited for my new assignment here in Sandy. I know i'm here for a reason. 

I love you all so much!

-Sister Swain

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