Monday, July 28, 2014

So not a lot happened this week.

A lot of people weren't home, but the days still went by really fast. I've realized that that is just how its gonna be for the last 6 months of my mission. The days are going to fly by. That means that I have to work even harder and not waste time. Some good things did happen this week. We put our investigator on date for baptism and her great grandpa is going to baptize her. And she is so excited about everything. And I believe that that is how she feels the spirit. When we taught her the plan of salvation she was so excited about it. I love seeing her change and feel the spirit. And she has such great fellowship.
 This Bishop in one of our wards told us that we were going to teach everyone. And that they were going to provide 8 lessons a week for us. So they did over the course of a couple months they've been teaching active members and the Bishop said that if we are teaching and strengthening the members then they can strengthen other people. And that is whats happening. That ward just had a baptism and they are going to have more. And they're having people get reactivated and go on missions. If we strengthen the core we can strengthen other people as well. 
Another miracle happened yesterday. So we pull out of our drive way and our car says 50 miles till empty. And we drive a lot! Especially on we stopped the car and prayed that we would have enough gas to get where we needed to go and we totally did! When we got home last night we had 8 miles till empty. It was a blessing of obedience and faith. 

On Thursday we didn't do anything for Pioneer Day. We worked. But I did learn how big this holiday is here. And I am grateful for my ancestors who came over. And let their faith and the atonement of Jesus Christ carry them. If this gospel wasn't important than they wouldn't have done it. And that is why we all need to do our part and develop our testimonies, because it's important. And the Lord needs us to strengthen our faith. 

I love you all! 

-Sister Swain

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