Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Family,
I hope that you all had a good Easter and that you were all able to invite someone to church. And even if they didn't say yes, the success is in the invitation. 

As for my week it was a slow week, because its spring break and its Easter so a lot of people were busy with family things or they were out of town camping or four wheeling for like a week. But it was okay we didn't let that get us down. We did find little service opportunities, but not a lot of people let us help them, because were sister missionaries and were in skirts, even though we tell them that we can go and change, but most of the time we just do it anyway. Then we found lots of Hawai'i ties that was cool. So we knocked on the wrong door and the door we knocked on was an active family, but the man who lived there served his mission in Hawai'i a long time ago, but mostly on Moloka'i and told us all of his stories and he gave us a copy of a letter from Brigham Young to King Kamehameha the 5th. Brigham Young is pretty much telling him the importance of The Book of Mormon and what the missionaries will be doing there. It was cool. Then we went and knocked on another door and the wife is Hawaiian and then we were driving around and we saw a car with the Kamehameha emblem on it so we stopped at this house and we asked if someone was from Hawaii and the brother in law was visiting from Colorado and he graduated from Kamehameha in 1991. So that was cool.

As for the work this week, we did see Easter miracles. A less active woman who has been cancelling on us, called us on Wednesday and asked if we could come over that day and give her a message so we did. Our investigator did come to church, but his wife who hasn't been to church in years came with their kids and she stayed for all 3 hours. A woman that we taught a couple weeks ago texted us and said that we can come back and teach her. So miracles are happening everyday, we just need to take the time to recognize them. Also in every home we went into this week we shared the YouTube video "because of Him" if you haven't watched it, type this into google right now! It brought such a strong spirit into our lessons and into the homes of the members, less-actives and non members we visited.
 It is so special being able to be on a mission during this Easter holiday. My testimony of the Savior and the Resurrection has strengthened so much and my love for the Savior has grown so much. I am so grateful to know that Christ lives! A woman gave a talk in one of our wards yesterday and she said that she was thinking about something profound that she could say and then she thought what is more profound then "He lives!" I add my testimony to hers that Our Savior lives and that He loves us so much! And that only through Him can we all live again. 
I love you all so much!

-Sister Swain

pic: some eggs we dyed at recent converts house

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