Monday, March 24, 2014

This week has been really awesome! We taught 10 lessons! Which is a lot in South Jordan. We picked up 2 new investigators, contacted a few formers, had a lesson with a boy that we have to turn over to YSA and taught a lot of less actives. The Lord truly does bless us when we put our trust in Him and we have complete faith in Him and His plan. Even though its hard because a lot of times we just want to do things our way, but when we do His work, we need to do it His way.  He is only going to show us if we keep His commandments and give ourselves up to Him, which is really hard.
This week we were also able to give service. We picked up these trees branches for our land lady. Holy Smokes, that was hard!  The branches were more like trees.
Then we helped a young women's president get ready for her new beginnings which means we got to paint, it was fun. Tomorrow Sister O and I are singing at their new beginnings.
Sister O and I are getting lots of requests to sing which is good! We're excited! It's just hard to find a pianist. We are singing and speaking this week in a ward and then next week were singing at another young womens thing. It's fun to have someone that sings as my companion. Its even nicer to have a companion that I don't have translate some of my pidgin words into english for :).
Everyone freaks out when they hear that we're both from Hawai'i and then they freak out more when they hear that we've been friends since high school. So, thats fun to say.
You know when you have those days at church when you feel like everything is for you and it just makes sense. Well yesterday was one of those days. So I went into sacrament meeting a little down because our investigator that we just picked up didn't come to church and we did EVERYTHING! We knocked on her door twice and we called her twice, but still nothing. I just knew that when my district leader asked how come she didn't come to church I wanted to be able to say we did everything that we could. So the talks in sacrament meetings were great! The one I liked the most was about changing our heart. He told a story about how he was really angry with his teenage son and he sent him to his room and the son slammed the door. Then his wife looked at him and she knew exactly what he was saying, "He is not the problem you are." So he went up there got on his knees and prayed out loud asking forgiveness from Heavenly Father. After his prayer his son got on his knees and did the same. The moral of the story is that we all need a heart transplant. In my personal study while I was reading Alma 5, there is a lot of stuff in there, but what always sticks out to me is when he talks about a change in heart and I thought that our hearts need to always be changing for the better. We always need to be using the atonement in our lives and changing our hearts to be more humble, more loving and more receptive to the spirit. Multiple heart transplants will hurt and will take time and patience, but we will be closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior.
It's really hard to help others to understand this, because not many people have ever thought that they needed to change their hearts.
I learned many more things, but I don't want to take to much of your time.
I love you all! Keep trying to be missionaries in your daily lives! The Lord doesn't require you to knock on doors, just to share the gospel in some way and to love everybody. (I know it's hard)
Love you!
Sister Swain

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