Monday, January 26, 2015

So this week has been very hectic. It's like I'm white washing all over again...well I am.
We took the jeep from the elders..they weren't too happy about it, but oh well. This side of the stake that we picked up has never has sister missionaries before. So They don't really know what to do with us. They are very excited and there is a lot of work to be done, but now they'er figuring out how to work with us. You work with us the same way you would treat any other missionary! You give them referrals and help them have teaching opportunities. We are so excited to be in the stake because there are so many opportunities for us! On Friday we got the jeep and on Saturday we started heading up the canyon to one of the relief society president's house. It took us 30 mins to get up to her house. And it was mostly dirt roads. We saw some wild life while driving up there. A hawk was eating a dead deer. (I know I didn't really need to add that, but it was interesting) We finally made it up to her house and.....she wasn't home. So down the mountain we came. On the way down we went the wrong way so we had to turn around and find the way out. It was an exciting day.
Not much has happened besides that this week. We are trying to get organized by trying to meet Bishops and ward mission leaders. We have picked up some new investigators from the elders. One is an elderly woman about 80 years old. She is part of the reorganized LDS church. So I am learning about what they believe. She is really cute.  Then we have two kids that we haven't met yet. 
Also this week we had a sister's meeting, where different sisters gave training's. I sang "If my name were Mary." A lot of the sisters young and old came up to me and told me the beauty of the song. One line in the song I think that applies particularly to me "and though I've yet to see Him, I've seen what He has done." As a representative of the Savior, I haven't physically seen Him, but I have seen people's lives change because of Him. Because His example and the things that He has asked us to do. I am truly grateful for that and that I have been able to witness that in my life and I hope that I can continue to see it even after my mission.

I love the Lord so very much and I know that He loves each and every one of us. He knows us and He cares about us. 

Sister Swain

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