Monday, November 3, 2014

It snowed today! Crazy it's been super warm lately.  It was 70 degrees on Halloween, so it has been a really nice fall. This week, was crazy. We went downtown for a doctors appointment for my companion.  We walked in the rain and the 80 mph winds. The less actives we're teaching came to church, that was really exciting. We had a 3 hour meeting on Halloween and we got a study guide for our  missions core beliefs. We set up a lot of lessons for this week and I got a flat tire on my bike. Then Saturday I got to go back to Sandy for a baptism for Jonathon. It was such an awesome baptism! Great things everyday.

So our vision for our mission is: Establish The Church; All Invited, All Persuade
That was the first time I heard that I thought.  Well that's weird.  I'm serving in Utah isn't the church already established? Today we studied the handbook for leaders in the church and it talks about how establishing the church means teaching individuals and families how to follow Jesus Christ and following in His way ourselves. No matter who we are. Establishing the church means that we all do member missionary work and that we all are in the effort of retaining and reactivating members. It just really hit me because the words which they used were invite, encourage and help. And that's all we can do. So the point is, I realized that every where we go we need to establish the church and teach everyone how to follow Jesus Christ. I know that these are the last days and that the Lord is hastening His work. 

I am grateful for all the prayers!

I love you!

Sister Swain


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