Monday, November 24, 2014

Good Afternoon Everyone!

So we had transfers this week. But don't worry I'm still in Herriman and I'm still training Sister Anderson. And we got a car! What! I was so excited. It's a pretty red Toyota corolla.  I'm the driver, so I am learning to drive in the snow. I kinda learned last year, but now I'm really learning. We're not sure how long we'll have the car, but even if it's for a little bit its alright, I'm just grateful. They keep telling us that it's going to snow but it never happens. I think that it's been too warm to snow. It's been in the 40's! (when did the 40's become warm to me?)  

We are still teaching the same people.  The one consistent investigator we have went to a relief society activity and we think she had a good time. Activities are great because it is a nonthreatening way to get nonmembers into the church and then when they actually go to church they already know a couple people. The hard part is getting people to church. So if you get a chance ask the missionaries what you can do as a member to help their investigators come to church.

Core Belief #3 : I will fear no man. As the Lord's representative and in doing His work I will boldly go forth and open my mouth to share the gospel with everyone!

31) And when Enoch had heard these words, he bowed himself tthe earth, before the Lord, and spake before the Lord, saying: Why is it that have found favor in thy sight, and am but lad, and all the people hate me; for am slow of speech; wherefore am thy servant?
32) And the Lord said unto Enoch: Go forth and do as have commanded thee, and no man shall pierce thee. Open thy mouth,and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance, for all flesh is in my hands, and will do as seemeth me good.
 33) Say unto this people: Choose ye this dayto serve the Lord God who made you.
 34) Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abidin me, and in you; therefore walk with me.
I think that we all have had times like Enoch. I know that I do and I have been on my mission for more than a year! It is hard to open our mouths, and to trust God that it will be filled. I bear testimony of that. I know that if I open my mouth the Lord will fill it and He has so many times. There are so many times on my mission where I have know idea what I said, but I know that the Lord knows and that I said what He needed me to say. But because I am imperfect I still get afraid to talk to people on the street or to be BOLD and tell them exactly what the spirit is telling me to tell them. It is hard. But I know that we can all be like Enoch. I tell the Lord my weaknesses daily and He makes them strengths. I know that I don't have a lot of confidence in certain things, but I just need confidence and trust in the Lord and He will direct me the way that He needs me to go.
President Spencer W. Kimball shared this in his talk, "When the world will be converted,"
 "To walk with God, no strength is lost.
Walk on.
To Talk with God, no breath is lost.
Talk on.
To wait on God, no time is lost.
Wait on."
When we have trust in God no effort is wasted, we must continue to trust. 

I love you all so very much!

-Sister Swain :)


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