Monday, September 22, 2014

So I'm going to be honest I really don't know what happened this week. We did get a new companion. So now we are in a trio. Her name is Sister Wright, she is waiting for her visa to go to Taiwan. So I'm learning new Chinese words everyday.  I have to learn Chinese because sometimes she doesn't realize that she's not speaking English... so its great!

We have spent most of our days, tracting and contacting referrals. We're still working on getting more lessons through out the week. It's just hard because school has started up again. This week we started our Tuesday night basic beliefs class. Not as many  people showed up as we hoped, but I think that it will start to pick up as we have more classes and ask those that do come to bring a friend. (Always ask for referrals) . We did pick up a new investigator. He is golden! He already set his baptism date for November 1st. Its a little farther out than we like to set it, but when they know what day they're ready you can't really argue. Its been a long week because of so many changes and then its been a short week because everyday I go home just tried; But that's missionary work. It's work. 
Not much new things are going on.   Just know that miracles do happen everyday!

This week we went to gospel forum with the institute. The speaker was a seminary teacher and being me I didn't take very good notes, but I do remember that the title of his talk was, "Things I want you to teach my children" He talked directly to us as young adults. He said that his children are at the age where they don't think he is cool any more, but that we are the ones his children look up to. And it's true. Serving my mission Utah. You really are like a 'celebrity'. We go into Walmart and everyone knows who we are.   They honk at us when are driving down the street. Little kids come up to us all the time and tell us how cool we are because we are missionaries.  I have to ask myself, Am I being a good example to them? Brother Miller (the speaker) Said that he wants us to teach his children the gospel.  He wants us to teach them to have faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement.  He wants us to teach his children to "doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith."  These are things that I hope the youth of the church know.   I hope that I can be the one to teach these things through my example. It's great being a missionary for my Heavenly Father, and I love it. I know that the church is true and that we are all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all!

-Sister Swain

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