Monday, August 11, 2014

When we are on top of the world feeling like we are floating on a cloud, I have to remember that there is always something around the corner that we need to prepare our selves for.
So this week, we had the normal busy week. With lots of meetings, contacting and teaching appointments. One particular day was just super awesome, every one of our investigators were progressing, those whom didn't feel the spirit the first time we taught them felt the spirit.  We taught in unity and our investigators and less actives were keeping their commitments. We even found a new less active to teach and that is because we were at the right place at the right time. 
Well the next day our car wouldn't start and two of the tires had a leak and our area is so big we need a car. We prayed that Heavenly Father would allow us to get to the repair shop. It started and we got there. It took an hour for them to finish. After leaving the place about 1 hour later a different tire had a leak, and it was pretty low.  The repair shop was closed, so we put air in it and everything was good. The only thing is that we missed some of the people we wanted to "run into." Then the next day a girl who is getting baptized this Saturday called us and asked for an exception to have her confirmation after the baptism and she was pretty upset when we told her it wasn't going to happen. But we still talked to our mission president and we knew he was going to say no and he did.  The whole day we were just praying that everything would work out and that she wouldn't be upset. At the end of the night when we got to talk to her she was calm and everything was okay. Then this week, I had to go help some sisters who aren't getting a long and that was an emotional 2 days.
So you may be wondering why I am telling you these things...well I am telling you because these may seem like small things that don't matter, but they are things that if we let them can distract us from the bigger picture. Like remembering to ask Heavenly Father for help and remembering that he is in control of all things. We all have little things that if we let them they can become a big thing. For example these little annoyances kept me in some cases from thinking about my area, my investigators, or where does the Lord need us to go next? We sometimes get so caught up in these little things that we're not able to feel the spirit and do what the Lord needs us to do. 

So with the help of my companion on Saturday I forgot about these annoyances and had some faith that the Lord was going to make everything work out. And because she calmed me down, we had a great lesson at temple square with our investigator and I was able to really listen to the talks in sacrament meeting and not just worry about if our investigators in other wards were fellow shipped or not. We all just need to trust the Lord that everything will work out. It is amazing how much I have learned about myself and how the Lord is strengthening me everyday.

I love you all!

Sister Swain

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