Monday, August 18, 2014

What a crazy week. Filled with up and downs. And the adversary doing all that he can to prevent us from doing this important work, but he didn't succeed.

We did have a baptism. It was an awesome baptism. Even though this girl's parents weren't supportive of her, they were still there because they love their daughter.  She was so happy because she is following her Savior, Jesus Christ. 
We had a mission tour this week and Elder Don Clarke of the Seventy came and spoke to us. Something that really stuck out to me from his words was this..."How can we expect our investigators to keep commitments and commandments if we as missionaries aren't keeping ours?" We want our investigators to read the Book of Mormon, but we can't get up on time, or we want them to go to church, but we won't do our studies. As a missionary when he told me that, it reminded me of why I am obedient. I am obedient because I love the Lord and I am obedient because I am not the only one that receives blessings on my mission. My family does and those whom I serve do as well. If I want my investigators and less actives to succeed I need to do my part. It's the same in the gospel. Last night we also had Elder L. Tom Perry come and speak to one of our wards and he said that we are the ones who are suppose to make life better for the next generation. It is our job; and what better way to make sure that life is better for my children then to do what I would want them to do. Elder Perry reminded us that this is the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that the early pioneers left their homes and were persecuted because they wanted life to be better for the next generation and for many generations after them. It's our job though to do our part. I know that when we do our part the Lord will help us get through the hard stuff. 

Our investigators are slowly progressing, but they are also forgetting to do those little things that are so important. Like reading the scriptures everyday, going to church and praying.  We need to do all of those things.  Without these essential things it is so much harder for us to face the day, and it is becoming even more important that we do them. 

In closing of my short letter. I invite all of you to be the example and to CPR! (Church, Pray, Read) 

I love being a missionary everyday! 

-Sister Swain

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