Monday, June 2, 2014

This is gonna be a short one. I know that a lot of great things
have happened this week, but I can't really remember what they are.
I know that we had great lessons this week and that we found a new investigator.
He's an 11 year old boy whose mom is coming back to church and working
towards the temple and whose father is very active catholic. So he
asked if he could be Mormon and Catholic. It was really cute. We told
him that we would teach him more later, about differences and how he
needs to come to know if this is true. Many may say, well he's only 11
how will he know that this is true or tell the difference. Being on my
mission I have seen how amazing the children and the youth are. They
have powerful testimonies and convictions. We just need to teach them
righteous things.

I think being out here, I have come to realize many things. One thing that
has come to mind and I ask what are we spending our time with?
I met a woman this week that said that she believed in everything the church has to
teach but she doesn't believe that she and her family needs to go to
church, because they have given their time to things that are good.
How many of us are giving up the things that are best for things that are
 This Wednesday we had our leadership meeting and I realized that
as a missionary I do the same thing. Our President talked about things
that we as a mission need to be doing to be more obedient. So the
first thing he talked about was P-day and how we prepare in the
morning. P-day starts at 10 and many times we treat it like it doesn't.
We clean or wash clothes instead of working out in the morning or
giving all of our attention to our studies. The next is music. We
are not listening to music that keeps us focused on the work. So my
thought was that music or cleaning before 10 isn't a bad thing, but as
a missionary we are giving up something good for something that is
better. I hope this makes sense and I hope that in our lives we can
figure out those good things that may be keeping us from fully
receiving blessings and that we may find the better things in our

I love you all!

Sister Swain

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