Monday, January 20, 2014

So this week was crazy, spiritual and amazing. So many things have happened that just strengthen  my testimony that our Heavenly Father is aware of all of us and loves us so much!
We had a baptism! Which was so great! This man is incredible. He has been studying Mormonism for two years and even though his family hasn't agreed with his decision to be Mormon he knows that this is the true church and he has done whatever he needed to, to be apart of the Lords church. And it has been a blessing for me to be able to teach him.
 So the week before his baptism we knew that the adversary was going to be very strong and he would have to work very hard to overcome whatever was going to happen. On Wednesday we went to Temple Square and we had a wonderful lesson there with the Sisters. On Thursday he had his baptismal interview and still he was ready. On Friday some things happened in his life that would have kept him from getting baptized, but he went in search to find his answer, by going to many different Catholic Cathedrals, he received his answer that this was the right path for him.
That night we had a lesson and he told us that he is 100%  ready. And it was so wonderful to see the support that he has received from his family here in Utah. The baptism was so wonderful and spiritual as well as the confirmation. Yesterday there was a missionary farewell for a girl in the ward, And when they sustained him as a member of the church everybody rose their hands. And there were about 300-350 people in the chapel most for this farewell.  It is so comforting to know that hopefully where ever he goes he will be welcomed and know that we all support him.

I am so very blessed to meet wonderful people everyday that are making changes in their life because they have the truth. This whole weekend I've been singing the song "How can I keep from singing".  There is a line in this song that says "all things are mine since truth I've found." Although he has all these trials and still many things to work out he knows that he will receive so many blessings because he has found the truth.  I know that it is so important to lean on the Lord and have faith that everything will be okay. When our investigator told us that he might not get baptized, I was fearful, but my companion reassured me that everything would be alright. 

 This weekend I had to speak at the baptism and then speak in sacrament meeting and then sing in another sacrament meeting. It's been busy. But it all went well. Yesterday morning before church we were in a meeting with the Stake President and suddenly I received the impression that what I wrote down for my talk I wasn't supposed to say. So I got up to the stand and only wrote down a few notes and scriptures that came to mind. And I gave a talk completely by the spirit. I know that it wasn't just me talking yesterday. And I wish I could tell you what I said, but I don't really remember. All I know is that whomever the spirit wanted me to touch yesterday I was able to do so.
After everything that has happened this weekend, the Ward Mission Leader came up and talked to us and said "lets baptize weekly." To hear that from someone in that ward is incredible, because it shows us as missionaries that the members in that ward are getting motivated little by little.
We have a great work to do. Those who come into the church don't need judgments they need love and fellowship. My companion pointed out a very good scripture this morning to me that I've never thought about. It's Helaman 6:3 and it's when the Lamanites got baptized. The people of the church didn't say "ugh, Lamanites." But they rejoiced and fellow shipped them. We build strong stakes in Zion when we keep the covenants which we have made with our Father in Heaven. These covenants include not only keeping His Commandments, loving Him but also loving one another.

Thank you for all of your prayers!

P.S. I went Sledding down a hill at a members home

Sister Swain

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