Monday, November 4, 2013

So winter came up fast this week. It was snowing yesterday!! It was to warm to stick. Which I was happy about. Winter came just to fast.
Another great week. (accept for the cold) Wednesday I was supposed to carve my pumpkin that I went into the pumpkin patch and got, but we didn't have time. Because this families parents were visiting from Brazil and we spent most of the night trying to communicate with eachother. They knew very little english and a little spanish and well I knew a lot of english a little spanish and just about no Portuguese. It was really fun. Haha. So now my pumpkin is sitting outside our doorstep waiting to be carved, but it probably won't happen. On Halloween we went to the Jordan River river temple. Our whole mission went! We went to different sessions, but that was 250 missionaries in the temple. In our session there was about 70. It was such a cool experience and I was thinking that I will never have that kind of experience again.(well next Halloween I will) During the day on Halloween, we continued to work. Nobody was home or wanted to hear our message unfortunately. But we didn't expect it. Then this week I saw a couple people that I know or that we know mutual people. I tell you, you can never escape from your home! (Not that I want to) First. On Tuesday I saw my friend Tashi's husband selling pest control to this house that we were going to. Then I think Friday, I was driving the car and in the car next to me was Sister Wheelwright! (BYUH President's wife) So I rolled down my window and said Hello, it was so fun! Then yesterday I was eating at this members home and this guy walks in and he was talking to his kids in hawaiian and of course my ears perked up. His name is Pono Issacs and he was Heidi's classmate! And then I went to this other house and this girls parents stay in Hanalei every year and they know the Spencers and the Colburns. I think their last name was rose..Maybe...
This week had some days where we had a lot of appointments and then other days were just slow. There is one man from the Philippines that we would like to teach and he has been reading the Book of Mormon and he believes in it, but he said that he just isn't ready yet. And we have to respect. And I admire that he doesn't want to do anything till he is ready, but we will keep trying and praying that the Lord will help him to be ready. We have a lot of potential investigators. People that we see and believe in the gospel, but they just aren't ready yet. It's just frustrating, and we just continue to be their friends and stop by. Our other investigators are not progressing towards baptism yet because of different reasons. But the two 9-year olds we are teaching want to get baptized so bad, because they know the joy that it will bring them! Our "older" than 9 investigators are doing well, but they still don't see the need for it in their life. They like that we are teaching them and they like what they hear, but. Theres always a but. We would get baptized but. This is when patience comes in. I remember that quote "Faith in the Lord also means faith in His timing." That is what I am developing. I love teaching the gospel because it's true and I have seen how it has changed lives. We are hoping to pick up some new investigators this week. This family has just moved here because they got transferred, but they don't know why. Well... we know why... The members in this stake are starting to get excited about missionary work because the bishops are setting the example. We had about 2 0r 3 families call us and say that they have people that they would like us to teach in their home. Elder Dusnip an area seventy said that we as members need to bring our friends and families to our homes to be taught by the missionaries, we need to fill up their planners. I was thinking about that. When I stand before the Lord at the last day I want to be able to say that I helped with His work, and I helped the missionaries. And if I every forget this when I get home, please remind me!

This week I finished my 12 week training program! Woohoo. And I also finished the Book of Mormon this morning and I've been praying that I will receive that witness that the Book of Mormon is true. And every time I read it I receive that witness. I was reading in Moroni chapter 10 and Moroni was talking about having faith, hope and charity. And when we have faith in Christ, Hope and Charity those gifts of the spirit will be given to us and we will be able to use these gifts as long as we continue to try to develop our Faith, hope and charity.
I just want to let you all know that I am striving to have those things and that I know that my Savior lives and loves me and all of you and if we have this faith we will feel His grace in our lives.
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers.

Please help the missionaries, pray for the missionaries in your ward and for their investigators.
Sister Kaytie Swain

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