Monday, October 28, 2013

This week was beautiful! I'm so happy that we were riding bikes this week because the weather was perfect. It was about 65 degrees and the trees were so beautiful with all their different colors. I'm still waiting to jump into a pile of leaves :). When I tell people that this is my first fall they are amazed! And it is supposed to snow Wednesday! I don't know if i'm ready for it yet!
The work this week was good. We had a new investigator her name is Ezabel and she is 9 and she is the sweetest little girl with such a kind spirit! She would have been baptized when she was 8, but she was going through a lot of surgeries. We are still working on getting the members help and it seems to be working. We have had 3 members introduce us to their nonmember and less active family and friends. Our lessons this week went great. There is one that we have been working with for about a month and a half now and the whole time she was reading the Book of Mormon she was reading it like a text book. And we told her that studying the gospel is great it is how we learn more, but the Book of Mormon is either true or it isn't and Joseph Smith was either a prophet or he wasn't and Jesus is our Savior or He isn't. And she isn't going to know these things until she gets on her knees and asks God. That is what she did, she prayed at the end of our lesson and she has never done that before! It is going to take her time to get baptized, but I know that she has received her witness. This week we also committed one of the 9 year olds that were teaching to ask his dad if he can get baptized. So we are just praying that his dad will say yes! The work is great and progressing. But it is in the Lords time.

Never stop reading it
This week we taught about the restoration of the gospel quite a bit and we learned more about Joseph Smiths story in our training. And then we were able to teach it to an investigator. We read in JSH 1:8-15 and I encourage everyone to go back and read it. Some things that I wrote down was this.
It matters to God who is right or wrong and we know that because Joseph asked and we know what Christ told him.
Something that happens alot (especially to Elders) is Bible bashing. We don't bring people to truth by telling them that what they do is wrong. That is what the preachers did in Josephs time. We do not need to become another professor of sophistry.
The way that Joseph found truth was by going to church, praying and reading his scriptures. And we will continue to know truth if we do these things.
Prayer brings divine wisdom
Joseph's conversion and action to pray took time and the Lord blesses those who are patient and continue to diligently seek Him.
We are testimonies of truth. The way we act, the testimony that we share when we have the opportunity are testimonies of truth.

I love you all!
-Sister Swain

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