Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kaytie Swain
7:29 AM (11 hours ago)

to Anna, Beverly, Blane, cynthia, Ipo, Ivy, Kalima, Keala, Keapo, me, Micah, William
So you may have been wondering... When is Sister Swain going to write, well today :) our P-day got changed this week because the temple is open on mondays and we can go to the temple every quarter. So today we are going to the Draper temple and i'm so excited! The temple is such a wonderful beautiful place where we can be uplifted and gain inspiration. And inspiration is what I need for what is happening in our area.
It was a beautiful 67-80 degree week, which I loved! Then today it got cold again and I think it snowed on the mountains again...which is beautiful! But it's cold. One fun thing is that it is pumpkin season here and there are pumpkins everywhere and I eat something with pumpkin in it atleast once everyday! Good thing it tastes good. And the pumpkins are huge! The other day I saw a 300 lb. pumpkin. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture by it. But I did take a picture next to another pumpkin.
Conference was this past weekend (and no I didn't get to go) But that's okay we watched it at members houses and it was great! Conference here in Utah is like a state holiday. No body works or has soccer games (well atleast where I was at) and all the college kids come home and watch conference with their families. It's cool

The work...
The work is picking up. We got 19 referrals in the past two weeks! And these referrals include less active families as well. So this is pretty exciting! We are just hoping and praying that these families will be prepared from the Lord and will soften their hearts. Its kind of good that it's raining because when we show up to a door step wet and cold they are more likely to let us in. :) Next saturday we have a baptism! We are so excited, our investigator is 18 and he knows the spirit and has opened his heart to be taught by the spirit. Our other investigators are coming along. I've learned this week about the importance of teaching with the spirit and teaching how to recognize the spirit. It comes in different ways for different people, but the most important thing it to explain to them what to do when the spirit testifies something to them.

This week I have seen so many miracles.. First of all my companion is awesome, we were companions in the MTC which was good, but it is interesting to bring our two experiences from the first 6 weeks of our mission together and use that knowledge to bring forth miracles. She pushes me to work harder and be better everyday. Because we have the same goals in mind and our confidence is growing stronger in our teaching and most importantly in the Lord these miracles are happening.

1st miracle: Our investigator that lives our of our area is able to be baptized in our area (they just created a rule that were not supposed to teach anyone that isn't in our area)
2nd: And family that the ward has been trying visit and get active for years let us into our home and we are having a lesson with them this sunday!
3rd: Our investigator who has been ignoring us for a week texted us. (it wasn't a text saying that she wanted to be baptized, but it was a text letting us know that she was still there and still cared)
4th: A family whom I've been teaching for about 6 weeks now and hasn't been to church in 3 years went to church on sunday! It wasn't the whole family, but it was the mom and one of the sons. And now everytime I go to that home I feel the spirit. And they have been reading the Book of Mormon as a family!
These miracles may seem little, but by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

My favorite talk from general conference was from Elder Uchtdorf and this was his quote..."Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
As a missionary I have noticed that the adversary is always trying to attack us and he will try to make little doubts seem big, by allowing us to dwell on them. When those doubts come I try my hardest to get them out of my mind. I do not dwell on them, I go back to the times when my testimony has been strengthened and when I have felt the Saviors arms wrap around me and comfort me. And I doubt those doubts and I know that my faith in my Savior and His gospel is stronger than those doubts.
I love the Lord and all the many things which He has blessed me with!
I love all of you and remember to help the missionaries! Give them people to teach, invite those whom have come to your mind to your home and show them what you love! Me and 85,000 other missionaries around the world are not the only ones participating in this work, There are 15 million of us participating in this work.
Thank you for your prayers and support! I feel them everyday! Till monday!

-Sister Swain

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