Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dear Family and friends,             September 30, 2013
I am still here in South Jordan I didn't get transferred which I am very happy about! :) My new companion... is Sister Johnstone, yes this is my same companion from the MTC!! Crazy huh? We are both 6 weeks out and we are training each other! It has been going pretty good, it's kind of nice because we learned how to teach with each other and we had the same teachers in the MTC.
The Weather
So this week it has been freezing! It was sleeting the other day and there is snow in the mountains. I wear scarves and hats and gloves and one guy stopped us and told me that I was a wimp. Everyone tells me that the weather is only going to get colder and worse which is what I am expecting, I just don't like being cold! Today I am going to buy warm clothes.  I'm so excited!
The Work
This week was a great week! We taught lots of lessons, picked up two new investigators and committed one to baptism! Our other investigator came to church and I am so proud of her because of the changes she is trying to make in her life. A less active member that we meet with every time we ask her to say the prayer she wouldn't, but this week she did and it was the best prayer!  The members are getting excited about missionary work because every single lesson at church is about missionary work! It is important! I am just so grateful for the people here and I truly love them. I have gotten to a point this week where I have truly had to rely on the Lord. This week I became the senior companion and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. But never doubt the power of the Lord He helps us in everything we stand in need and He will provide, because this week he did and next week were hoping to get 2 more investigators with a baptismal date. I love this work!
The Word
This morning I was reading in the Book of Mormon when Moroni is telling the Lamanite King to take an Oath with them. I love Moroni's words and how he always bears testimony. I love how he talks about the reason they fight is not for honor or power it is because they love their families, their land, their religion, their God. They would do anything to protect them and because they KNOW that their Lord will protect them in all their trials and because they KNOW that whatever happens they've been faithful till the end they fight. That is something that I have been practicing and i've been trying to be better at on my mission to always bear testimony of why I am here. It doesn't matter what happens. So I challenge you all to bear testimony of what you believe in!
I love you all thank you for the prayers! I love the work here and I love the people!
-Sister Swain
1st pic- My zone
3-Saying bye to my trainer
4- I'm cold!!

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