Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Lord gives us talents

The talent that I have been blessed with is the ability to sing. Recently, I have returned from New Zealand and Australia. I went there with my choir from BYU Hawaii. It was probably the best experience of my life so far. When I was there I felt so much love! The people loved us because it was as if we were missionaries. It was as if we were sent there to touch the hearts of the people and they definitely touched mine. I did not know any of these people and yet they welcomed me into their homes and treated me as if I was a messenger from the Lord. That is the power of music and that is why I have learned how important it is to use our talents. We need to use our talents for the use of building up the Lord's kingdom. At one of our concerts a recently baptized woman come up to me and said that the Lord sends his missionaries in all forms. I truly believe that. This is what they mean when they say that every member is a missionary. Who knows who that one person might need to change their heart. And you may have what they need. I cannot share everything I experienced on this trip because there is just too much. To sum it up, the Lord loves his children and when we love His children we feel and get that much closer to him. This two week trip was exactly what I needed to prepare for my mission. I have learned so much musically and most importantly spiritually. I Love the Lord and I know that we need to practice our talents, if we do not we are being selfish. 

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