Monday, March 3, 2014

First of all it has been so warm lately I love it, I don't have to wear tights just sweaters and I don't have to wear boots either! So nice! 
This week we implemented our work with members to get lessons. So we met with a couple young womens presidents and primary presidents and then we shared a scripture about finding people to teach and then we prayerfully went through their rosters and by the spirit we selected families that we could go and visit with them. So this week we will start going on visits with them and they will be making the invitation to have us come and teach their families. Its a scary thing being a member missionary because we live next to these people but if it is done with love then no offense can be taken. I'm so proud of these members for doing this with us to help hasten the work in this stake.
There is a lot to learn on a mission. The biggest one is patience and doing things the Lords way. That is something that I have struggled with. When the Lord commanded Nephi to build a boat he went up to the mountain often to get instruction on how the Lord wanted him to do it. That is something I need to learn is to how do I know how the Lord wants us to do things. Sometimes it takes a lot of different ways and we have been blessed with so many tools to help guide us in doing things the Lords way, but ultimately we need to learn how to not be afraid and how to trust him.  Not to just trust him a little but put our complete trust in his power and timing. I would like to say that I'm perfect at that, but I'm not.   I have a lot to learn and it's been such a blessing to be on a mission and learn how to use faith.

So we did find a non member to teach, he's not a new investigator but I know that we planted a seed there. It's a part member family and we asked if there was a time where we could share a message and the wife said that they were really busy so she let us share a message right there. With the country music in the background and the beer cans everywhere. The spirit was so strong and I know that the scripture was inspired. 

Also yesterday in sacrament this dad asked her daughter why Jesus died for us and she said that it was so that we could live for a long long time. And that is so true! We partake of the sacrament every sunday so that we can renew our covenants and the happiness that our Savior has given us so that we can live forever in happiness with our Father in Heaven.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!

Sister Swain

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