Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So it was kinda sad this was the first year that I wasn't able to pop fireworks! I told everyone that that is what we do and they thought that it was amazing that we would do that. We did get to see some fireworks. So instead of fireworks we made cupcakes and had cupcake wars with one of the families in our ward. It was so fun! Then we had to be in by 8 and we just cleaned our apartment. I know great way to ring in the new year. We were so excited that we got to go home early though. We were just like YES we get to go to sleep early! Oh the life of a missionary.
Then it was a great Saturday because a family had spam and I told them how much I loved spam, so we made spam musibis and then that night we went to contact a family and we walked in and they were having a sushi party!! I was so excited! They had raw fish and crab and so much 'ono food! I ate a whole roll!

The Work.
This week was great! We got in many lessons with our new investigators and it just amazes me how they are so prepared by the Lord. And every time we teach them we can't help but feel so blessed to be able to teach them. Even in Utah people sacrifice so much to be apart of this wonderful gospel.

I have learned a lot this week. I mean it's things that we all hear over and over again, but sometimes it just hits you right and you put those things that we've heard so often into action. So some of the people that I teach love the gospel and they love what it teaches and its great to teach them because they believe it. But we can't just teach them the Why of the gospel we need to also teach them the How of the gospel. We know why the gospel is important, but how am I going to use it in my life? How am I going to let it change me? And this is where member missionaries come in the missionaries teach and they try to teach them how, but eventually we leave and these new converts need to know How they can have this in their life forever and How they can teach others. They need examples of How. Today while I was reading in Doctrine in Covenants, I realized how many times the Lord asks us to bring souls unto Him. But we don't just bring souls to Him and drop them off. The Lord asks us to bring souls unto Him so that we may rest with them in His kingdom.  

I have a testimony of this work, I have a testimony that Joseph Smith was called of God to bring forth this restoration of the Gospel. And I know that the Book of Mormon will bring us closer to our Savior more than other book. 

I love you all!

-Sister Swain

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