Monday, November 18, 2013

I don't know how to start this e-mail. So much has happened this week! And the week has gone by so fast! We had a zone conference this week which was fantastic! They are always great! They are so uplifting. Then we had exchanges and I went to Draper for the day. It was such a differences going from Kearns to Draper, but I was so happy to come back to Kearns.
This week one of our investigators came to church! She is 9 years old and she loved it! My stress level was very high though because she just left church and didn't tell anybody and then we went to her house (because she walked) and her mom said that she wasn't home. So I was freaking out! Especially since I was on splits and my companion was in a different ward. Come to find out her dad picked her up while she was walking home. And didn't tell her mom. So everything worked out. Hopefully we can get her to have a baptismal date soon. We didn't teach very many lessons this week and it was a challenging week. And this week we are trying our hardest to find people to teach! Last night our appointments cancelled on us, which isn't uncommon. So instead of wallowing about it we made a goal to get 6 lessons set up for this week. Whether it was active members, less active, or nonmembers. We reach our goal :) have of those are less active families whose children are not baptized! It was a great feeling to reach our goal! 
This week in zone conference our mission president taught us something that has really stuck with me. He showed us this video called the Butterfly circus and this guy in the circus didn't have any legs or arms and he was always asking for help and thought that he was good for nothing. When he was trying to cross a river he fell down and someone passes him and told him that he would manage. So he got up and fell in the water, but he didn't drown he came up and learned how to swim. So how did this help me this week? Sometimes we are praying really hard for help on something or that Heavenly Father would just do something for us, but He is telling us that we'll manage. In the movie they say the bigger the struggle the greater the triumphant. All of my struggles bring forth great change. And were going to find people to teach!

This week I was reading this talk called the 4th missionary. And the 4th missionary is one that allows the Lord to change his nature. I think that we can apply this to all of us. We can change our behavior and keep thinking about the things we wish we were doing or we can change our nature and align our will with the Lords, and think about the things the Lord wants us to do. The speaker then goes into Corinthians 13 which talks about all the gifts we can have and all the things we can do, but if we don't have Charity then it profiteth us nothing. I take this as Charity is what changes our nature. Charity is what allows us to not only change others, but more importantly it changes our selves. That is something that we are all trying to have. It must make the Lord very frustrated to work with imperfect people, but these struggles give us the opportunity to be more like Him. Becoming more like Him is choosing those things that bring light into our lives!

I love you all and I am grateful for your prayers!


Sister Swain

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